Starting ReggioABA Therapy

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AB Spectrum is the best choice you can make today for your child diagnosed with Autism. Each one of our full-time ABA clinics will have multiple BCBA's on site everyday to address your child's behaviors.

We take it upon us to ensure every child in our clinic sees their BCBA 1 on 1 every week.

The sooner a child receives Early Intervention services, the greater the chance your child will be equipped to handle the roller-coaster of life.

Our Intake and Resource Consultant Emily Hager is available to answer any questions you may have about ReggioABA and Speech Therapy at AB Spectrum.



Emily Hager, PhD,
Resource Consultant 
(636) 248-1395

The Enrollment Process

Contact Us
Many families are referred to AB Spectrum by a pediatrician, educator, friend, or other professional and have limited knowledge related to autism or ABA treatment. Let us provide you with the information necessary to determine if ABA services could benefit your child. Call us at 314.339.7732 or schedule a free consultation with our clinical team by submitting your information: New Client Application.

Diagnostic Services and/or Attestation
Currently, many funding sources require a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) before authorizing or covering ABA treatment. If you believe that your child or loved one is demonstrating signs and symptoms of autism, speak with your pediatrician to determine if diagnostic services are necessary.  AB Spectrum is proud to offer ASD Diagnostic Testing through a licensed ASD clinical diagnosis evaluator at our clinic. No more long waitlist for a diagnosis!

Obtain Authorization from Insurance Carrier
Once a child has been diagnosed with ASD, AB Spectrum works with your insurance company to begin the authorization process for ABA therapy. The team at AB Spectrum schedules an initial ABA assessment to obtain the information needed to develop an initial treatment plan. Although the length of time required to obtain an authorization varies, many children have an authorization and are ready to begin treatment within a just a few months of completing the initial ABA assessment.*


The Recourse Consultant will keep in contact with you and help you navigates the waiting period.

Enroll in ABA and Speech Therapy
Once enrolled in our therapy programs, a child receives very individualized treatment from a team of three to five therapists, a group leader, a speech therapist, and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Treatment can last anywhere from one to five years and is usually 30 to 40 hours per week. AB Spectrum is proud to offer a skilled team of professionals whose advanced knowledge and experience in ABA therapy elevates the quality of support offered to the learners and families enrolled in our program.