AB Spectrum Holidays and Days off 2021
  • January 18 2021: Martin Luther King Day

  • February 15 2021Presidents Day

  • April 2 2021: Spring Break

  • May 31 2021: Memorial Day

  • July 5 2021: Independence Day 

  • September 6 2021: Labor Day

  • November 11 2021: Veterans Day

  • November 25 2021 and November 26 2021: Fall  Break

  • December 23 2021 and December 24 2021:  Winter Break

  • December 31 2021: New Year’s Break

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During the consultation our on boarding team will discuss how therapy works, answer any insurance questions, and take the time to better understand the unique issues your child is experiencing. 


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Parents Disclaimer

Insurance authorizes therapy hours based on each clients medical necessity. It is essential parents abide by their approved therapy hours to assure the best treatment plan and prognosis for children diagnosed with ASD.