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As your office considers referring patients out for ABA Therapy services, be rest assured that your patients will be receiving the best therapy possible from one of the only BHCOE Accrediated ABA Therapy clinics in Missouri. We currently offer these services:

1. Diagnostic assessments (MCHAT, ADOS-2, CARS-2,  ADI-R) to assist with a formal diagnosis of ASD

2. Criterion-references assessments (VB-MAPP, ABLLS, SKILLS) to identify deficiencies and track developmental milestones

3. In-Clinic ABA Therapy through DTT (Discrete Trial Training) and NET (Natural Environment Training) to achieve skills.

4. We are the only ABA clinic in the world incorporating the Reggio Emilia philosophy into our ABA Therapy behavioral programing. In a Reggio Emilia Therapy Environment, Children will not be restrained at our clinic as we don’t teach restraint techniques seen at SSD and other ABA Clinics. At our clinics children actively participate and collaborate with the their therapist and peers while they construct their own behavioral therapy experience. 

Faster Access to Care

Research has established that early intervention is critical to positive outcomes for behavioral and developmental conditions. An 18-month waiting list (average ASD diagnostic test waiting time) for Autism Spectrum Disorder evaluation isn’t compatible with the evidence. Partnering with us means that your patients can get answers up to 6 times faster than with other providers.

Reimbursement Navigation

Insurance can be a minefield when it comes to behavioral health. We work directly with insurance companies to verify benefits and ensure that there are no surprises for your patients. You can be rest assured, knowing there are in good hands.

Insurance Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about your process?

Every patient you refer is assigned an AB Spectrum Care Coordinator who will guide the family: help them gather and share all the right information, organize their appointments, and ensure that their voice is heard in the assessment and treatment planning process. AB Spectrum Model of Care is integrated and inclusive and incorporates shared decision making to define needs and goals.

Can I collaborate on the care of a shared patient?

Absolutely. Many of our patients are referred by providers managing another aspects of their medical care, so we encourage appropriate and timely collaboration with our clinicians and share regular status reports. Please contact to learn more.

Is it possible to speak with someone to learn more about AB Spectrum and meet your clinical team?

Please email our Outreach Director at to discuss our approach and our care protocols.

Physician Referral

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