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For Children Ages 1-6

Autism Diagnostic

Get your child tested for ASD 

(For Children Ages 1-6)

Get a complete Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) assessment of your toddler. We make recommendations for treatment and therapy services as needed. 

Signs of ASD in Toddlers


Children with autism often start to exhibit the most apparent signs between one to three years old.


Certain developmental delays that are associated with autism can be addressed even earlier.

If you suspect your toddler is showing signs of Autism please click below for more information on the signs and symptoms seen in children with Autism.

ABA & Speech

The ReggioABA Difference

(For Children Ages 1-6)

ABA Therapy at AB Spectrum is combined with the Reggio Emilia philosophy of children having a hundred languages to express themselves.


Why AB Spectrum?

  • Only ABA Clinic with ReggioABA 

  • BHCOE Accredited ABA Clinic

  • 40 Hours Weekly of ABA Therapy

  • Preset Schedule 7:45am-3:45pm

  • Child sees BCBA 4-6 Hours Weekly

  • 1 Hour Speech Therapy Weekly

  • Indoor and Outdoor Playground

  • 4 Pictures of Child's Therapy Daily

  • Feeding and Toilet Training 

  • Field Trips or In-Clinic Events

Best Early Intervention ABA Therapy Results in Industry


Covered by Medical Insurance

Our Medical Clinics are In-Network with all insurance providers. 

We proudly serve patients with Missouri Medicaid and All Major Commercial Insurances.

We Got You Covered!

AB Spectrum supports its clients with a in house insurance team with years of experience. 


We will serve as your advocate and partner in maximizing the potential benefits of your child's insurance coverage.

AB Spectrum will contact your insurance in order to determine the details of your benefits and eligibility for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Speech therapy services.

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We understand parents are anxious when contacting AB Spectrum to begin ABA therapy to help their child. 

At AB Spectrum our promise is to make this process as easy as we can for families waiting for therapy. This is why you'll be assigned an onboarding specialist the moment you Schedule a free consultation! 

Most clinics have a 10-15 month waiting period to get Autism services, but at AB Spectrum your wait time will be no more than 2-6 months depending on your insurance response time.


As a reminder to our families, wait times are the shortest when request for scheduling a time to come in, proof of insurance, and medical records are given to our intake specialist in a timely manner.

At AB Spectrum your family. We welcome you to our family and we thank you for choosing AB Spectrum for your child's therapy needs.